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Amplify: Youth Voices are critical for governance discussions on Solar Radiation Modification research and potential deployment (use/non-use)

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Solar Radiation Modification

SRM YW Soft Launch Event in Bangladesh

About us

SRM Youth Watch is a youth and global south-led initiative that emerged from our participation in the Youth Voices for Emerging Climate Governance project, where we learned about solar radiation modification (SRM) and its governance from world-renowned scientists, civil society leaders, and policymakers.

Concerned about the lack of sufficient international governance around SRM, but also the lack of awareness about it from young citizens and future decision-makers, our primary focus is to enhance the knowledge and build capacity of young people aged 15 to 35 years old in the science and governance around SRM. As it becomes increasingly addressed in international fora, it is crucial that more young people are knowledgeable about and participate in discussions and are empowered to inform decisions in the near future. 
SRM Youth Watch maintains a neutral stance on all decisions related to the research and potential deployment of SRM techniques and technologies. We seek to provide young people globally with access to diverse, balanced, evidence-based information to engage critically and constructively in discussions and decision-making about SRM governance. The SRM Youth platform enables young people to engage directly with policymakers 
We also seek to support and host other SRM-related initiatives led by young people happening around the globe, such as workshops, research, audio-visual projects, and awareness-raising events. We’d love to support your ideas, get in touch with us here!   

The climate crisis is causing our world to warm rapidly, and scientists warn that if warming exceeds the 1.5-2°C Paris Agreement temperature goal, the climate system is more likely to cross tipping points, some may be irreversible. The recent sixth assessment report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has assessed warming of 1.5°C as more likely than not to be exceeded in the low emissions scenario, and more likely than not to be reached even in the very low emission scenario. In response to this, solar radiation modification (SRM) to reduce the amount of absorbed solar energy in the climate system is being explored as a potential additional response option. However, SRM technologies have faced many uncertainties and potentially pose many new risks. The absence of a comprehensive international governance framework for SRM raises critical concerns for many, as mentioned in many reports published in 2023, such as by the European Union (EU), the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the United States (US), the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), UN Human Rights Council Advisory Committee and World Economic Forum (WEF), to name a few.    Climate and intergenerational justice must underpin SRM governance, given that youth now, future generations, and climate-vulnerable communities will be the most impacted by all decisions (or lack of) made on SRM research and deployment. Therefore, the voices of young people are critical to fair and just governance deliberations on SRM.  


Some content we created

Briefing Notes: Science Policy Brief (Governance and Stakeholder Perspectives coming soon)

Blog Post for the Climate & Development Knowledge Network: Solar Radiation Modification: Why young people must have a say

United Nations 8th Science, Technology and Innovation Forum: Science Policy Brief, Video and Statement

Guest blog post for the Carnegie Climate Governance Initiative: Highlights from the global launch of the SRM Youth Watch initiative at the New York Climate Week

Our Team

Clara Botto
Aasima Kamal Mowni
Kwerit Sarah Chebijira


26th February-1st March

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2024 STI Forum
9th to 10th May

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Summit of the Future
22nd to 23rd September

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Stay tuned for more information and contact us if you’re also in any of those events and would like to know more about our work.

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